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SGR0292 Break Her - Storm vs Scorpion

Two wiley mat veterans, blonde Storm and redhead Scorpion are no strangers to each other, but here on the Strong Girls Rules mats they face off again.

The two powerful experienced wrestlers lock hands in a test of strength and Storm takes Scorpion to her knees and then grapevines her spreading her wind causing her tiny thong bikini to cut deep into her pussy. The pain is so intense that Scorpion cheats gouging Storm’s face, distracting the blonde and allowing Scorpion to trap her in a deep boston crab.

Storm returns the favor causing the redhead to grimace in pain. They trade holds in an all out war including headscissors, smothers and camel clutches.

Neither woman is prepared to concede defeat, but then one is trapped in a leg spreading and pussy punishing grapevine before a deep boston crab and then single leg boston push her back past breaking point as her opponent licks the sole of one foot, causing her to submit to the better woman.

An evenly matched contest between two experienced and powerful SGR wrestlers with many painful holds, one thing is certain they will meet again and the result maybe different next time.

Scorpion wears a black micro thong spandex bikini

Storm wears a red micro thong spandex bikini

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