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SGR0289 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Vanquish crushes SheelaKiller

Spunky SheelaKiller never backs down from a challenge at Strong Girls Rule, even when this challenge is the imposing pro-wrestler Vanquish. Sheela has a reputation for being cocky and being over confident in her own abilities, Vanquish has an SGR reputation of destroying her opponents.

The size difference is apparent from the off as bikini clad Sheela is dwarfed by the physically larger Vanquish, who scoops Sheela up as if she weighs nothing and moves her in the air in various lifts including a choke lift, before slamming her down to the mats and splashing her.

It is obvious that Vanquish is in her element as she trash talks Sheela and tickles her before lifting Sheela up by her neck, scooping and then onto her shoulders and doing squats whilst Sheela flails above her. Vanquish gets her in the tombstone position and drives her to the mat.

Sheela is done, but Vanquish isn’t finished as she delivers a senton to Sheela’s midsection which doubles her up. The destruction continues with backbreakers, slams, splashes and racks.A series of repeated over the knee backbreakers decimates any resistance which Sheela may have as Vanquish relentlessly delivers punishment to the petite blonde.

Until a sweaty Vanquish delivers an over the shoulder stomach breaker which knocks the fight and wind out of Sheela as Vanquish flexes above her with flourish

Sheelakiller wears a silver shiny spandex tanga thong bikini with white wrestling boots

Vanquish wears a black lycra swimsuit with black wrestling boots

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