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SGR0288 Break Her - Goddess Anastaxia dominates Lottie LaLay

Two beautiful blondes step onto the Strong Girls Rules mats as Lottie LaLay challenges SGR veteran Goddess Anastaxia. It is apparent from the initial lock-up and test of strength that Goddess Anastaxia is the more powerful blonde as she takes lovely Lottie down to the mats and locks her into a painful camel clutch.

The more experienced Anastaxia is not impressed by the new girl Lottie and wraps her powerful legs around her in a bodyscissors and even gloats at how much stronger she is by flexing her muscles and displaying her confidence.

Lottie is treated to a wrestling lesson as Anastaxia traps her repeatedly with her powerful thighs in bodyscissors and headscissors, as well as boston crabs, splits, and even some butt bombs for good pleasure.

Pretty little Lottie is destroyed by the beautiful Anastaxia who dominates and decimates, her tanned physique accentuated by the shiny spandex swimsuit. Lottie is taken past breaking point as she is crushed between those powerful and magnificent thighs, but it is an excruciatingly painful armbar which seals her doom, and spells Anastaxia’s gloating victory with a foot placed on Lottie’s pain wracked body with a flex and a smile.

Goddess Anastaxia wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit, red knee pads and stirrup shiny tights

Lottie LaLay wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit, blue knee pads and stirrup shiny tights

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