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SGR0287 Test of Strength - Kassidy dominates SheelaKiller

Sheelakiller has a reputation at Strong Girls Rule for being absolutely fearless this petite blonde has an attitude in her toned muscled form of a woman twice her size, unfortunately this does get her in over her head on the SGR Mats.

Today she stands opposite statuesque black beauty Kassidy who towers above her. The veteran Kassidy has a no nonsense attitude and takes great delight in destroying cocky opponents. The two women compare bodies, and whilst Sheela does show some great definition on her arms, she looks tiny compared to the imposing Kassidy.

Kassidy offers Sheela a test of strength but even jumping the diminutive Sheela can’t reach to lock hands. They settle for a collar and elbow tie up to start their tests of strength and Sheela puts up a spirited resistance to Kassidy’s astonishment. Next they engage in a standing arm wrestle and again Sheela resists.

Kassidy has had enough of this upstart and lifts her high off the ground in a bearhug, pushing the air out of Sheela’s lungs and cracking her back. Dangling all Sheela can do is flail around to try to escape before being dumped to the mats and grapevine by Kassidy’s insanely long and powerful legs, taking the tight tanga thong painfully deep into Sheela’s crotch.

They lock up again but Sheela’s resistance is waning and Kassidy takes her to the walls and pushes a knee into Sheela’s crotch lifting her off the floor. It is obvious that Kassidy is fed up of playing nice.

She punishes Sheela with more lifting bearhugs, camel clutch and boston crabs. Finally she pins Sheela to the floor and breast smothers her whilst spreading her wide with a deep grapevine and squeezing Sheela tight in a bearhug, before planting a foot on Sheela’s pain wracked sexy body and flexing in victory.

Kassidy wears a sky blue lycra swimsuit with white shiny tights and white wrestling boots

Sheelakiller wears a purple micro spandex tanga thong bikini and white wrestling boots

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