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SGR0285 Break Him - Venom destroys him

The legendary Venom steps onto the Strong Girls Rule mats, this blonde powerhouse has legitimate skill with a physique to match. Venom can trap her opponent in wrestling holds and deliver punishment with her insanely strong legs and arms.

She does however have an evil, perhaps venomous streak as her masked male opponent is about to find out in a very painful way.

Looking innocent with her blonde hair in pigtails, Venom gives the masked man a playful shove, before full strength punting him in the balls, instantly dropping him to the SGR mats. Once he is down she shoves her pantyhose clad feet into his face.

Venom puts on a masterclass showcase of her wrestling skills, with a side order of sadism as she traps her hapless male opponent in various wrestling holds such as boston crab, body scissors, headlocks and leg spreads before kicking, punching or kneeing him in the balls.

The blonde really wants to humiliate this man, and makes him give her a horsey ride around the mats, and laughs when she faux goes to kick him in the balls before stopping and he flinches, then when he relaxes kicking him in the nuts.

When she has had her fill of punishing the pathetic puny male she plants a foot on his stomach and smiles and flexes in victory. It’s been another good day at the office for Venom.

Venom wears a red lycra swimsuit with shiny tights

The victim wears a lucha mask and black shorts

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