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SGR0284 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Storm crushes Zoe Page

Redhead Zoe Page looks worried as she steps onto the Strong Girls Rules mats, and with good reason as standing opposite her is the blonde powerhouse Storm. The two beauties size each other up, but it is Storm who takes advantage of a tentative Zoe getting behind her and lifting her off her feet in a reverse bearhug. Trapped in those powerful arms pain is etched across Zoe’s face before she is unceremoniously dumped to the mats and repeatedly body splashed.

But there is no respite for the redhead as Storm scoops her up and delivers a wicked over the knee backbreaker. Zoe has no answer for the punishment and Storm inflicts damage to her sexy form at will.

Poor Zoe is subjected to firemans carry, punishment rack, backbreakers, crotch lifts, grapevines and other assorted lifts. The smiling blonde is out to inflict maximum damage to Zoe’s shiny spandex clad form.

A final over the knee backbreaker with an elbow driven deep into her gut spells doom for the redhead, and she is splayed on the mats whilst a triumphant Storm flexes her impressive biceps in victory.

Storm wears a shiny silver spandex leotard with stirrup shiny tights and black kneepads

Zoe Page wears a shiny gold spandex leotard with stirrup shiny tights and white kneepads

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