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SGR0282 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Vanquish destroys Lottie LaLay

Lottie LaLay really didn’t do her homework as she foolishly smiles as she stands opposite the imposing Madame Vanquish on the Strong Girls Rule mats. The blonde obviously hasn’t seen Vanquish’s previous SGR Wrestling matches where she has completely destroyed her opposition.

The smile quickly fades from Lottie’s beautiful face as they lock fingers in a test of strength before she is effortlessly lifted up and dropped over Vanquish’s knee in a gutbuster which instantly knocks the stuffing out of poor Lottie.

A throat lift and second gutbuster lets Lottie know that she is in for a world of pain as Vanquish goes to work on the smaller girl. It’s now Vanquish who is smiling as she proceeds to destroy Lottie with body splashes, lifts, backbreakers, and surfboards.

Lottie’s tiny shiny red spandex bikini top can’t contain her assets as Vanquish continues the punishment with a devastating rack which transitions into a backbreaker. Lottie lays in agony on the mats thinking its all over and Vanquish delivers a cannonball which has Lottie writhing in pain.

An avalanche slam into the hard wall and the final cannonball signals Lottie’s inevitable doom as Vanquish places a foot on her pain wracked body and flexes in victory. The sexy bikini clad body has well and truly been lifted, slammed and squashed by the sadistic Vanquish.

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny spandex red micro tanga thong bikini, with wrestling shoes

Madame Vanquish wears a black lycra swimsuit with black kneepads and black wrestling boots

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