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SGR0281 Test of Strength - Ella 'Scorpion' Escorpi vs Ivy Rain

The newly monikered Ella “Scorpion” Escorpi faces off against Ivy Rain on the Strong Girls Rule mats in a Test of Strength challenge. They firstly face off resplendent in their SGR Wrestling trademark shiny spandex swimsuits as they check out each other's taunt bodies, slapping their opponents ass and thighs.

Before they lock fingers for their first test of strength, they grunt and groan and push each other up against the wall as they jockey for advantage before wrapping their arms around each other in tight bearhugs.

When they are still deadlocked they start pulling each other’s hair and drag each other down to the mats. They wrap their arms and legs around each in a tight catball as they roll across the mats as first one is on top and then the other.

Eventually one busty proud wrestler is trapped in a bearhug and has to concede as her triumphant rival flexes above her.

But will it be redhead Ella or brunette Ivy who comes out on top in this grueling Test of Strength challenge.

Ella Escorpi wears a shiny blue spandex high neck swimsuit and shiny tights

Ivy Rain wears a shiny red spandex high neck swimsuit and shiny tights

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