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SGR0280 Break Her - Hairpulling Squash - Chloe Davis demolishes SheelaKiller

Petite blonde, SheelaKiller is a SGR Wrestling trooper despite her small size she doesn’t back down from any challenge and she is certainly no stranger to getting destroyed at the hands of the Glamazon, Chloe Davis. But now for the first time they square off in a ring for Strong Girls Rule, will the outcome be any different from their previous encounters?

They square off and the size difference is huge as Chloe towers over Sheelah. Chloe is unimpressed as she slaps Sheela across the face, before grabbing a handful of blonde hair and driving Sheela into the turnbuckle before stepping on her hair and slapping her face some more.

Sheela arches to try to escape but Chloe drags her to her feet by her blonde locks and delivering more painful postings. She traps Sheela in the ropes and pulls her back by her hair, you can see from the expression on Chloe’s face that she wants to rip it out from the roots and leave Sheela bald by the end of this match for having the audacity to challenge the Glamazon again.

Chloe drives Sheela to the mats and applies a camel clutch pulling back on her hair. Chloe is all business as she sets out to destroy not only Sheela’s toned body but also her hair at every opportunity. Sheela is subjected to backbreakers, more postings, scissorholds and slams all with hard hairpulling.

A final slam signals the end, but Chloe isn’t finished as she chokes Sheela with her own hair until mercifully the Glamazon has finished destroying Sheela and leaves her splayed out on the canvas.

Chloe Davis wears a long sleeved black lycra leotard with shiny pantyhose, white kneepads and white pro boots

SheelaKiller wears a purple shiny pink spandex micro thong bikini

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