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SGR0272 Break Her - Goddess Anastaxia dominates SheelaKiller

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Blonde Goddess Anastaxia is back at Strong Girls Rule and whilst the powerful tanned busty blonde has been away we have a torrent of new ladies on the SGR Wrestling roster for her to face.

First to step up is the bratty blonde, SheelaKiller, the two trade verbal barbs at the start of the match as the smaller Sheela flexes her muscles. The bigger and stronger Anastaxia takes her down to the mats and spreads her wide, testing her flexibility in a deep grapevine.

Sheela then gets a taste of the Goddess’s incredibly powerful legs in a tight body scissor which certainly knocks the starch out of the always game Sheela.

Anastaxia makes it her mission to test Sheela’s flexibility with a variety of back bending holds including deep camel clutches, surfboards, boston crabs and grapevines. Pain is etched across Sheela’s beautiful face as her lithe body is stretched to its limits and beyond.

Just when you think it is all over, Anastaxia decides that more punishment is required and delivers an over the knee backbreaker and swinging rocking horse before signaling the end with a victory split pose over Sheelah’s broken form.

Goddess Anastaxia wears a gold shiny spandex thong leotard and shiny stirrup tights

SheelaKiller wears a purple shiny thong leotard and shiny stirrup tights

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