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SGR0269 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Venom destroys Sheelakiller

The legendary Venom makes a rare return to the SGR Wrestling and she is less than impressed with her opposition in the form of petite feisty blonde, SheelaKiller (formerly known as Ms F.Rank).

Little time is as the two blondes lock fingers in a test of strength, and the powerhouse Venom lifts Sheelah over her shoulder with ease before slamming her down to the Strong Girls Rules mats and splashing her.

The experienced Venom isn’t done there as she picks the smaller blonde into a suspended reverse bearhug and drops her to the mats and delivers body splashes and elbows. Keen to show her superior strength and power Venom hoists Sheelah up from a prone position on the mats, holding her and dumping her to the mats again, winding her and making her struggle to regain her breath.

When Sheelah is too slow to get up from the mats due to the pain in her back, Venom uses her hair to bring her to the feet and lifts her over her shoulder as if she weight nothing at all.

Sheelah is brave and never backs down from a challenge but there is little she can do against the power and experience of Venom to prevent herself being lifted, slammed and squashed repeatedly by the bigger blonde.

The frustration at the drubbing she is receiving is plain to see on the spunky little blonde’s face but Venom continues pouring on the punishment including a punishment rack which weakens the tiny blonde’s back enough that when Venom locks her into a camel clutch she has to reluctantly concede the match.

Venom wears a red shiny spandex thong leotard with stirruped shiny pantyhose

Sheelakiller wears a blue shiny spandex thong leotard with stirruped shiny pantyhose

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