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SGR0265 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Zoe Page

It seems implausible that through their long careers redhead Zoe Page and Japanese Catfighter, Mistress Amrita have never faced off against each other. SGR Wrestling has made this happen as we’ve arranged for them to square off in our trademark Japanese Pro-Style Catfight.

Both ladies are confident before the match as they give a brief interview for the camera. But Zoe’s confidence quickly evaporates as Mistress Amrita takes her down to the Strong Girls Rule mats. It isn’t long before the bubbly redhead finds herself headlocked, mounted and trapped in a painful armbar.

Things don’t get much better from there as the raven haired Amrita punishes Zoe with a figure four leglock, camel clutch and leg nelson.

For those of you who have enjoyed this series you will know that this is just a prelude as Amrita sucks the resistance from Zoe before punishing her with her trademark leg spreading humiliating holds.

Amrita pulls Zoe’s costume in a wedgie and spanks her ass, spreads her legs then spanks her pussy showing off the pale redheads crotch for all to see.

An Octopus Hold gives Amrita unfettered access to slap Zoe’s crotch with her pro-style boots before punishing her with painful bodyscissors.

Zoe’s body is wracked with pain as she is humiliated by Mistress Amrita, the end mercifully comes when she can take no more trapped in a headscissors whilst Amrita slaps her pussy.

But the humiliation doesn’t end there as Amrita wants to claim her prize and adds Zoe’s spandex swimsuit to her ever growing collection from the body of her defeated victims.

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit, with black kneepads and black wrestling shoes

Zoe Page wears a shiny silver spandex thong swimsuit and white kneepads and white wrestling shoes.

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