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SGR0261 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Ivy Rain

Experienced Japanese catfight veteran, Amrita makes a welcome return to the SGR Wrestling mats. This lithe and canny catfighters as decimated the Strong Girls Rule roster and has seen off any challenger for her Japanese Catfighting crown.

Now it’s the turn of flexible busty brunette Ivy Rain to put her spandex swimsuit and dignity on the line against this Mistress of the Mats.

We begin with the introductions as a confident Amrita tells us about her experience and she is going to use her professional catfighting sneaky moves and holds to defeat her opponent. The bubbly Ivy is feeling pretty confident that her experience and body will be able to stave off the more experienced Japanese wrestler.

The two circle on the mats sizing each other up and it is obvious that Ivy is the larger of the two girls, but will this be enough to topple the wily veteran. They lock hands and jostle for advantage.

The Japanese legend strikes first, trapping Ivy in a headlock and taking her down to the mats, trapping her arm in a wicked looking armbar. Amrita then tests the brunette’s flexibility spreading her wide in a grapevine, but is impressed by Ivy’s power as she is able to bridge whilst spread wide. Obviously she needs to soften up this pretender to her throne some more so places her forearm across Ivy’s windpipe to take any resistance out of her.

Now the real lesson begins as Amrita uses her full repertoire of holds including deep boston crabs, surfboards, leg spreads and her signature octopus hold to both punish and humiliate Ivy.

When Ivy is trapped and her crotch is exposed, Amrita slaps her pussy to add to the younger brunette’s punishment and degradation. She even spreads her legs whilst sitting on her face which finishes off the younger busty brunette

Amrita claims a reluctant Ivy’s leotard to her ever increasing collection.

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny black spandex thong leotard, black kneepads, and Nike black wrestling shoes

Ivy Rain wears a shiny blue spandex thong leotard, red kneepads and Adidas wrestling shoes

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