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SGR0258 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Dez Desire destroys him

Dez Desire has cut a swath through anyone that SGR has thrown against her. This beautiful Amazon pro wrestler from America has already destroyed Inferno and Laken, but is still hungry for another victim.

I’m pretty sure that perennial whipping boy, Squishy Sax was not what Dez had in mind when she requested more of a challenge?

She is distinctly unimpressed with the feeble specimen before her comparing his biceps to noodles before delivering a swift kick to his mid section which is just the beginning of the torrent of punishment she unleashes on him.

She lifts and slams him with abandon as if he weighs nothing, and delivers wicked stomps.

During the course of the decimation Dez inflicts butt drops, backbreakers, stretches, slams, stomps and submission locks we don’t even know the name of, as well as incorporating some good old fashioned ball busting.

All poor Squishy can do is scream as he is picked apart by this physical powerful and highly skilled American.

It ends with Dez sat astride him counting a pin whilst simultaneously delivering punches and forearm smashes to poor Squishy’s balls.

Is there anyone who can stand against Dez Desire and prevail?

Dez Desire wears a long sleeved shiny spandex metallic sky blue leotard with shiny pantyhose, black kneepads and black pro boots

Squishy wears a shiny silver lucha mask, shiny metallic spandex silver shorts

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