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SGR0253 Dirty Tactics - Chloe Davies vs Storm

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Chloe Davis “The Glamazon” has cut a swathe through all who have been sent against her, beautiful blonde grappler, Storm is determined not to be another victim for the grinder.

Storm acts quickly before the Glamazon can get her hands on her, but dropping her with a swift knee to the crotch, followed up by an axehandle to the back which drops Chloe to the mats.

Storm continues with the unrelenting targeting the Glamazon’s crotch and legs. It seems a sound strategy do not give this powerhouse time to gather her strength, and size doesn’t matter when you are suffering in a crotch claw.

In desperation Chloe rakes Storm’s eyes giving some respite before punishing with crotch lifts and crotch claws of her own.

But Storm has seen a rarely witnessed in the Glamazon’s armour and targets Chloe’s crotch again aiming to inflict the first loss of her career.

But this Giantess is roused in anger now, and Storm may be the one who regrets making this a dirty tactics match, as Chloe Davis makes her pay in the worse possible way

Chloe pulls Storm back by her nose, punches her in the crotch, pulls her thong hard up inflicting pain to her delicate most intimate areas, pulls her back in a surfboards and nearly cracks her ribs in powerful scissorholds between those gargantuan thighs. Storm is rattled and knows that her strategy has back fired.

No one wants to be on the receiving end of the Glamazon’s wrath but that is exactly what happens to the beautiful blonde Storm. She may regret incurring the Midland Mauler’s wrath as she is dissected by the SGR destroyer.

Chloe Davis wears a black lycra long sleeved leotard, white kneepads, white pro boots and shiny pantyhose

Storm wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit, red kneed pads, red and white pro boots and shiny tights

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