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SGR0251 Venom destroys him and his manhood

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The legendary Venom makes a welcome return to the SGR mats, this blonde legitimate badass likes nothing more than crushing whoever stands across from her. Today she is less than impressed with Squishy, but she does have new wrestling boots to try out, and Venom never turns down an opportunity to inflict pain and suffering.

A swift knee to his balls and Venom goes to work repeatedly punching his nuts and making him cry out in pain.

Venom uses her repertoire of moves to fold Squishy up like a pretzel, immobilise and trap him with the sole aim of damaging his cock and balls.

This is achieved whether it is a boston crab, half crab, matchbook pin or an arm bar, once the hold is locked in and a boot or fist can reach, his junk is well and truly destroyed.

When you are facing a skilled mat technician like Venom there is nothing you can do but accept your fate, and Squishy must have been praying for the blonde to get bored so the destruction of his manhood would end as soon as possible.

Alas for this poor guy, Venom was having too much fun and enjoying herself hearing the whimpers and screams of pain.

Eventually she grows bored, and has he lays beneath her a wicked elbow right to his ballsack signals the end, as she steps on his manhood and flexes her victory.

Venom wears a shiny spandex gold swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and white wrestling boots

Squishy wears silver spandex shorts

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