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SGR0241 Rage destroys him and his manhood

Never has a wrestler been more aptly named as Rage Shieldmaiden, like the Valkyrie’s of Norse Legend she transports the defeated to Valhalla or normally Hel. Today someone else who is aptly named, Squishy has foolishly challenged the young Eastern European wrestler to a match. Rage is going to make him pay not just by dominating him on the wrestling mats but by punishing his manhood every chance she gets. Everytime she has him trapped in a wrestling hold his poor balls get punished, this leads to some inventive punishment using knees, punches and kicks whilst her poor prey is trapped helplessly.. She takes him down to the mat with ease and with intent, and like lightning she sits astride him. A position that Rage is in frequently as she completely controls this match (and his balls)from beginning to end. Rage nearly scissors the mask from his face with her insanely powerful scissors, she stands on him and his balls, sits on his face, and nearly breaks his back with deep Boston Crabs. Rage is a skilled wrestler but clearly likes to dish out punishment like a sadist. At one point pulling off a never-seen-before-on-SGR move by smashing his face into her beautiful booty. Incredible!! Rage’s wicked kicks and knees to his balls make him cry out in pain, and once she tires of dishing out the punishment to his manhood she sits on his head and flexes her total victory. There is no doubt about it Rage is a certified badass. Rage wears a white and red shiny spandex swimsuit and blue wrestling shoes (removed partway through the match to continue the ball busting barefoot) Squishy wears shiny silver spandex shorts and silver lucha mask

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