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SGR0215 Mistress Tahlia destroys him and his manhood

Australian Mistress Tahlia makes an auspicious debut here at SGR as she faces off against a male jobber.

The powerful visitor from Oz is keen to make a good first impression and she wastes no time in taking her feeble male challenger to the mats. She just simply swarms and spreads his leg and wastes no time in punching him in the balls.

She times him up like a pretzel and folds him in two and there is simply nothing he can do to defend himself. Growing bored with how ineffectual the masked man is, she locks him from behind in a rear naked choke spreads him legs and heel kicks him in his manhood.

Mistress Tahlia is relentless is him in various submission holds and when she has him where she wants him she unleashes vicious balland cock . Punches, slaps, grabs and kicks rain down on his manhood, but this pervert likes it as his cock goes rock hard beneath his shorts.

Undeterred she continues the punishment as he screams for mercy, at one point she lifts him to his feet and cuddles him nicely, but it’s all a charade as the punishment continues.

It ends inevitably with Mistress Tahlia sitting on his face and flexing, inspersed with slaps to his now delicate, but still hard penis.

Mistress Tahlia wears a black shiny spandex bikini with black arm ties

The victim wears silver shiny spandex shorts with a gold shiny spandex lucha mask

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