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SGR0180 Queen of Mean - Mia Annabella shows NO MERCY

Mia Annabella is the Queen of Trash Talk with deceptively strong, insanely powerful legs, as this poor schmuck, Marky is about to find out.

The American is relentless from the off, and immediately shows him her mean streak trapping hs head between her legs and getting the first submission within 30 seconds, Mia asks him “Did that hurt?”

The punishment and trash talking continue as Marky is bent in deep boston crabs, squeezed in body and head scissors, and humiliated in spladles, banana splits and schoolgirl pins.

Mia gets so fed up with the early taps that she starts to ignore them, so that she can punish him for longer and enjoy hurting him awhile longer.

Marky is a spent and defeated fighter, physically done due to the constant damage Mia’s deceptively strong physique has inflicted and emotionally done due to barrage of trash talking and psychological humiliation imposed upon him.

This is Mia Annabella at her finest as she demonstrates how to dismantle a larger male opponent.

Mia Annabella wears a shiny purple spandex bikini

Marky wears a black singlet

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