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SGR0167 Amazon Kat Max makes a CRUSHING debut for SGR

Amazon Kat Max makes her SGR debut as she takes on pathetic Luchador El Chihuahua. From the moment they step on the mats with Kat looking magnificent in her pro-style outfit it’s obvious that this one is only going to go one way.

Muscular Kat effortlessly picks her masked victim up over her shoulders at the start of the match in an airplane spin before dumping him unceremoniously to the mats. Next she picks him up in a crushing bearhug and all he can do is cry out in agony as she squeezes his weedy chest and crunches his ribs as his feet dangle off the floor.

El Chihuahua has taken some poundings in his time but this flame haired amazon takes him to a whole new level of pain with boston crabs, camel clutches, grapevines, racks, scissorholds and some good old fashioned ball busts.

There is nothing the Luchador can do against this onslaught and this match ends inevitably with him humbled in defeat and kissing the feet of Kat as she flexes her impressive biceps.

Kat Max wears a shiny gold spandex thong swimsuit with shiny tights, white pro kneepads and shiny white wrestling boots.

El Chihuahua wears black/gold/red mask with matching shiny leggings

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