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SGR0163 Blaze vs Billy King - Hot & Intense Mixed Pro Match

A new male challenger steps onto the SGR mats in the form of muscular Billy King, and his first opponent is dancer, Blaze.

Will this male specimen stand a chance?

The answer is maybe this is not your usual SGR mixed match with a feeble man who doesn't stand a match. Blaze certainly has her hands full with Billy King, and would be in serious trouble if Billy had more wrestling experience

Even with his inexperience Blaze has a fight on her hands, as Billy pushes the lithe dancer to her limits as he is able to throw her around and stand even with her long legs wrapped around his midsection. To try and gain an advantage he pulls her long black hair causing her to grimace in pain, she returns the favour with smothers and hair pulls of her own.

As the match goes on Blaze's superior stamina and experience play a decisive part as Billy's strength begins to ebb under the constant, he is stubborn though and fights to the end.

But a split pin from a sweat drench Blaze signals the end for Billy King as he lies exhausted in the canvas.

Blaze wears a leopard print lycra swimsuit with shiny pantyhose and black legwarmers

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