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SGR0150 Megan Jones vs Mia Annabella - Pro Shiny Dirty Tactics Wrestling

They maybe friends but when Megan Jones and Mia Annnabella step foot onto the SGR-Wrestling mats that is all forgotten. Megan is taller and heavier, but that doesn’t intimidate Mia who delivers the smack talk back in shades.

Mia immediately stuns Megan by effortlessly hoisting the larger latin sensation over her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. But Megan quickly recovers and lifts Mia into a reverse bearhug.

The two visitors from across the Atlantic punish each other relentlessly with a barrage of moves including boston crabs, camel clutches, grapevines, backbreakers, headscissors, bodyscissors and folding pins.

They also resort to dirty tactics with illegal choke holds and humiliating their opponents by pushing their faces into sweaty feet.

Eventually the punishment becomes too much and one proud warrior must concede defeat when they are trapped in an unforgiving headscissors and must tap while the victor, swimsuit straining to contain her assets flexes over her.

Megan Jones wears a gold shiny spandex leotard with shiny nude pantyhose/tights

Mia Annabella wears a purple shiny spandex leotard with shiny nude pantyhose/tights

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