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Cousins at War - Safa Warda vs Blondie

We welcome Safa Warda to Strong Girls Rule!! Here she takes on her cousin, yes, her real cousin, in a mixed wrestling shiny spandex-clad wrestling match.

Match rules are old-school submissions only...its a headlock-fest!

Safa is fast and flexible with amazing long legs. Blondie is strong and knows a little wrestling but he is slow and out of shape!

Blondie does well...for about 20 seconds...ha! Then Safa completely dominates him. Trash talking and taunting him throughout the match (even the female cameraperson joins in!). Imagine getting beaten up by your little cousin!!!

She gloats and victory poses over him at the end.double bicep flex for victory!!

Safa wears purple shiny hotpants and purple stripy string bikini top

Blondie wears gold shiny briefs

Cousins at War
Cousins at War
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