Catwoman's Revenge starring Scorpion

A silly little boy has threatened Catwoman (played by Scorpion) and come to her lair. Saying he can beat her up. Lets find out shall we..Catwoman throws him to the ground and rubs her foot in his face. Its time for him to learn his first lesson with a vicious camel clutch, including fish hooks in the mouth. Then he is forced to kiss her feet. She drags him into a new position and rubs both feet all over his face.She wrist locks him and traps the spare arm with her feet.Now someone is going to feel a Boston Crab!! Holding him there and torturing him, humiliating him in the hold before switching to a single leg Boston Crab.A mean Full Nelson and body scissor combination follows.Her victim is then hand smothered while Catwoman delivers some belly punches.She is really working him over!! He can only moan with pain while the onslaught continues. A sleeper hold is next, while she crushes his body with her big thighs.Her final lesson is delivered with a reverse figure four, her big legs wrapped around his head while she claws and scratches his body. Catwoman (played by Scorpion) wears shiny black spandex catsuit with leather bondage Catwoman mask. Bare feet with black nail polish.

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