Belly Punch Bash - Scorpion vs Emma Switch

What do friends do when they get together?Beat each other up of course!! and have a belly punching challenge!! Who can last the longest through the belly punching torture as they exchange blows?Muscle chick Emma Switch and wrestler Scorpion are great friends and haven't seen each other for months!! So they get re-acquainted with each others bodies. First they flex biceps then check out their abs! Both Emma and Scorpion have rock hard visible absStarting with belly punches wearing MMA gloves. From standing then progressing to the floor. Watch their stomachs go red! These girls are NOT HOLDING BACK!!!They move onto bare fist strikes, both of them wincing and groaning with pain. Then to finish, like real friends, they kiss and rub each others belliesEmma Switch wears pink string bikiniScorpion wears black bodage style bikini

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